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Before you decide to quit, give it one more try

Before you forgive, learn to say sorry

Before you get tired, give it one more push

Before giving your opinion, learn to listen

Before you demand attention, learn to respect

All it takes is just a moment to stop and think. 

Being alive is not living a life. Life is like a heartbeat line, with ups and downs. Our heart is fine as long as it’s this way. If the line gets straight, we are in trouble, most likely dead. The minute our life becomes stagnant without any experiences, our soul is dead. We are just alive and no longer living. Living is not about being perfect or doing the right thing all the time or about never breaking the rule. Living is an art. An art to find out the purpose of our existence. Even if you don’t, just go with the flow. In this process lies the countless experiences, good and bad, mistakes, pitfalls, betrayal, love, relationships, fun, laughter and excitement.

When you feel lost within yourself, when the mind is playing a wrestling match inside your head, try helping others in any small way possible. Give, Give and Give. Giving is not charity. Giving is a selfishness of your heart to feel happy for our self. Get selfish, help others and you will not regret. Do it for yourself. On the death bed, nobody thinks about how much wealth they made or how many houses they own. You only think about your loved ones, your regrets for not being there for them, regrets for not following up your dreams, regrets for not trying harder. So learn to give and you will not regret. If you are scared, pray, hold hands with your loved one and take a step forward together.

Before you give up, try harder one last time.

Stop what you are doing and think about anything you love. A baby’s innocent face, selfless love of your dog, your mom’s/dad’s smile, tight hug from your love. Watch the vast sea and get lost in thoughts. Never shy away from your feelings, listen to it and absorb. Smile at the positive ones and frown at the negative ones. Give it one second and move on.

You fall, u need to get up and move on. I won’t promise that u’ll not fall again, but I promise it gets easy. To Start is the toughest. Fear of failure stops me from even trying out something. I go weak when I am craving for success with perfection If you too feel the same, try thinking u’ll fail and there is nothing to lose. It tricks your mind, gets you to concentrate on the process rather than the result. Overcoming the fear of failure and starting something by itself will be your first step to success. 

 Before you decide to quit, give it one more try.


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November 13, 2016 12 comments
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