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I am a movie buff. I can watch any kinda movie, of course there are some exceptions. It could be in the theatres, Netflix, YouTube or Einthusan. There are some movies that actually leave an impact on you. I am not talking about the after effects of a movie which I usually have for a week or so. Like say I watched Superman, I would be in that same mode and makeup stories in my head of how it will be if I had a superpower blah blah. What I am talking about is movies that teach us something. Enough of my ranting. Here is list of 3 such movies that I watched recently and i highly recommend 🙂

1) In-Lawfully Yours – This was released in 2016 and I watched it on Netflix. Starring Chelsey Crisp, Lisa Renz, Leticia Rivera and directed by Robert Kirbyson. I never really had any expectations from this movie and the name itself was a bit weird to me. The synopsis was even more weirder where it said ‘the girl falls for her sis-in-law’s husband’..huhh..Neways, I started watching it and I lovedddd it. It is not like any cliche RomCom where boy and gal get attracted to each other , lot of nudity, pub nights, drinking blah blah. This is a very simple love story where the boy and girl actually fall in love after getting to know each other. I will not spill the beans but let me tell you a draft version.
Jesse, a New Yorker, whose husband cheats on her and head for a divorce. Her father-in-law dies and Jesse returns to her widowed mother-in-law’s town to help her pack so that she can move in with her son. Here she gets acquainted with the local pastor who is her widowed bro-in-law. What follows is the struggle for Jesse to fit into the new town and in the process falls in love with the pastor. Things get more complicated and there’s  witty humour between the couple in quite a lot of scenes.

The love story between the two is shown in such a beautiful and pure form. Also it shows a very beautiful bond between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. I just fell for it. Very rarely do I get to see such movies nowadays, especially in Hollywood. I was not really surprised when the movie got just 3/5 in IMDB coz I know people don’t dig for such meaningful deep stories anymore. I loved the simplicity, humour and of course the love 🙂

pink-hindi-movie-dialogues-shows-how-the-society-treats-our-women2) PINK – No points for guessing this. It’s in the news for quite sometime now. I watched this with my mom. I felt like every girl in India will relate to this. It focuses on sexual crimes against women and how it is perceived in India. There is lot of victim shaming due to which, more than 50% of women who go through it, never even file a complaint. This movie exactly depicts that and the courtroom drama that follows in the second half keeps the audience occupied. Flawless acting by all the main characters Amitabh Bacchan, Taapsee Pannu and Kirti Kulhari.

Throughout the first half,  I was hoping and praying that the girls are safe and nothing more terrible happens to them :(. Through the second half, I felt I could understand and feel every dialogue the girls told in the courtroom. Especially there is a scene where Tapsee says ‘Kisiko Achha lagta hain Sir Ki Is Tarike se Chue, Zabardasti?’ and the way she says it, I literally felt something crawling on my back and got goosebumps. It’s a must watch movie. If you still haven’t, what are you waiting for?


3) Gone Baby Gone – This is a fantastic thriller movie directed by Ben Affleck. With a fantastic casting like Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris, you can expect some real good acting. Well, before i watch such movies, i make sure there is no ghost or supernatural powers involved. That is because such movies continue to haunt me forever :(. Ok so coming back to Gone Baby Gone. A 4 year old girl kid goes missing from her house at night. Investigation begins but there are no clues or suspects for the next 3 days. The Baby’s mom is a drug addict and doesn’t show any remorse. The baby’s aunt takes this case to 2 private investigators. Then 2 more detectives join in this search and they discover it is not just a straightforward kidnapping case. But this is not the end.


After the first half, the story will totally take a turn and by the end you will be left wondering what just happened. It gets confusing and for a already confused girl like me, I had to read the Wikipedia later to understand each and every detail:P. Do not miss this movie. It is available on Netflix. It is one such movie which makes you think about what’s right, what’s wrong, the law system and throws a hard slap on reality. The only part that I hated is the ending but then again it’s each one’s personal opinion. I don’t wanna give out more details on this. Watch and let me know if you liked it 🙂

I thought I am done with 3, I suddenly remembered this next movie. How could I not mention it. It beats all the above 3 movies to no 1. 


4) Don’t Breathe – Ohhh My Godddd !!!! This was my reaction when I watched this. Like I said earlier, I make sure it’s not a horror story. But again my guy had told me it’s a little scary. I was comfortable when one of my cousin who is equally scared as me was ready to accompany me and 2 other brave cousins of mine :P. It had me on on the edge of the seat throughout the movie, every minute. There are some scenes where there is absolute no volume or noise. It’s just quiet and dark and people moving around, you don’t know what is gonna happen next. Full credits to the camera work, they have shown some scenes like real life.

Stephen Lang stars in Screen Gems' horror-thriller DON'T BREATHE.

Three young burglars (a gal and 2 guys) hatch a plan to steal a hefty sum of money from a blind man’s house. The small time thieves gather information about this house in an abandoned neighbourhood where an old blind man lives with his dog and is believed to have got a hefty settlement from a court case. They break into the house with ease and expect to walk out with the money without any hassles.Once they are in, the tables turn. The rest of the movie is all about the burglars trying to escape the house alive.Yes, the blind man is scary and his dog is even more scarier. There is also a secret revealed which is totally shocking. Me and my cousin were literally covering our eyes with our hands and were watching through the gap between our fingers :P. And yes, we also embarrassed ourselves by screaming a couple a times. Hats off to the director Fede Alvarez and the blind man played by Stephen Lang. Do not miss this movie, you will not regret 😛


Until Next Time,
WWGal 🙂

September 28, 2016 6 comments
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