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Heloooooos !!! We all have certain Expectation on how some things should work out but most of the times, Reality turns out to be something different in a rather funny way :). Here are a few I could remember .

1) Getting a Haircut. 

Expectation – I always like to go prepared as to what kind of hair cut I will be getting and how it would look on me.

Reality – Sadly, this is how it turns out.

2) Trying to follow a cooking tutorial from YouTube or TV

Expectation – Yeah, this seems easy. I am definitely trying it.

Reality – No one mentioned it would be this hard.

3) Deciding to go on a strict diet

Expectation – No matter what, I am going to restrict myself

Reality – It was my Bestie’s Birthday party. How could I ever say No to her.

4) When my Birthday is nearing.

Expectation – I am sure my friends are going to throw me a party. I am going to have a blast. I need to decide on what to wear. This is so excitinggggg 😉

Reality – Well its 12.00 am and no sign of any party :(. I feel old and lonely.

5) Relationship goals

Expectation – We are going be like Ross&Rachel :). And I am going to upload really cute pictures of us on social media.

Reality – It’s my turn to use the phone. Give it to me

6)  Joining a Gym and committing to it.

Expectation – How I think I am doing.

Reality – This is how I actually look.

7) Family dinners

Expectation – Good times, sharing all happy moments. It’s going to be a great get together.

Reality – It turns out to one hell of a crazy ride. But hey sometimes that’s fun too 🙂

9) Trying out a party makeup tutorial from YouTube.

Expectation – I am going to look Awesome in this party.

Reality – I think I went a little overboard with the eyeshadow.

Have you experienced anything like this? Let me know in the comments.


Until Next Time,



March 17, 2017 10 comments
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For everyone else, Restroom is just a place where we do our ‘BUSINESS’ but for Girls, it is a room of endless possibilities :P.. yeah it’s true. Now before you guys get any weird ideas let me just get to the point. Below are a few things which we girls do in restroom apart from what it is supposed to be used for 😛

1) SELFIES No points on guessing this one. I can see all the girls nodding their heads on this one ;). Sometimes restrooms have the best lighting for selfies/groupies and we cannot stop clicking hundreds and hundreds of them. 


2 ) MAKEUP SESSION – No points for guessing this one too.We can go into the washroom looking sick and come out looking like a diva. And if there is a full sized mirror then ‘ Girl !! Sign me Up ‘ 


3) LIFE DECISIONS – Yes, the most crucial decisions of our life like our love life, heartbreaks etc are made in the restroom. Besties Gang up and discuss all the pros and cons with the ‘one who is in trouble’. This is where we pour out our feelings, when I think of it now I do feel it’s odd but it’s true.

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 4 ) CRY – Yes, most of us do this. There are times when we just want to burst out crying and cannot do so in public. So we use the washroom. We cry our hearts out and come out stronger :P. We either do it alone or take our friends along 😛


5) GREAT IDEAS  – Well not exactly great, but we do discuss and get ideas on random topics. Imagine a scenario where one girl is using one of the toilet and her bestie is using the next one with doors closed of course . They start talking to each other, coz you never know those 2 minutes of their peeing time might even erase away all the thoughts they are having down with the flush. BTW, Where do you think I got the idea of writing a post on this 😛


6) FITTING ROOM –  I have witnessed this myself. Girls will try out clothes and take the opinion of their besties. You know like ‘What to wear on a date’ or ‘What to wear for a wedding party’ kind of decisions. Very creative I must say.


7) PHONE TALKS  – There is no better place when you cannot take personal calls. There are no washrooms which has not witnessed fights, love, breakups, gossip made on calls.


What do you think girls ? Did I miss out any ?And guys, did you even guess all of these ?

Until Next Time,



December 3, 2016 2 comments
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Helloooos……I commute to office in bus by my company provided bus. During the morning journeys, everyone usually listens to music or take a nap. But my return journey is never boring. I get to see and meet different kinds of people . Here is a list of 8 kinds of people I get to see when travelling in bus.

1) The Loud Speaker – This kind is self-explanatory. People in this category are on phone and talk irritatingly loud all the time. I get to know that there was spicy tandoori chicken for lunch and he/she had to use the office restroom for his/her’s business’ after that….huh..

2) The Workaholic – People in this category take their work along with them wherever they go. They are always on their phone/ blackberry discussing work and sometimes even open up their laptops and start working in the bus.

3 ) The Sleeping Beauty – People in this category fall asleep like they are sedated. They sleep with their mouths wide open and sometimes even snore . I do feel jealous of them sometimes and wish I could get such good sleep:p . They are truly blessed but the person sitting next to them , hmmm not so much.

4) The Lovey Dovey couple – This too is quite self-explanatory. This kind of people are found in couples and seated next to the window. I usually avoid sitting next to them but sometimes there will be no other seat vacant. Now what happens after I sit? I am too shy to even look at them so I avoid looking outside the window and end up staring into the space or at my phone screen. They will be getting all cosy trying to hold hands n all that and here I will be with my cheeks red as though I am the one holding hands with that guy :P..

5) Mr. Sweaty Pants – I have seen this mostly among men, please don’t judge me :P..ok so this guy finishes his workout and instead of taking a shower, what does he do ? He comes straight into the bus and occupies a seat. What happens next is horrifying. He is in his gym clothes (imagine shorts ) ,sweating and since he himself feels sticky, he sits with his legs wide. I try to avoid such seats but sometimes I would have no other option. The whole journey I try to hold my breath as much as possible and also balancing myself not to touch his hairy legs or hands even by mistake, thinking ‘what did I do to deserve this’ .

6) The Chitter Chatter – This category of people loveeeee to talk. I am not very good at conversations and do not like to converse much while travelling. But do these people think about that? Noooo, they go on and on and on.

7) The BFF’S – People in this category will be girls in a group who love to gossip. After a tiring day at work, all they need is someone to vent out to and this is the time they get. They continue to gossip until they reach and sometimes i get to hear some of the juicy gossips, u know ‘who is dating who types’ 😛

8.) The Silent Observer – Well, I belong to this category :). These silently observe everything happening around them and I must say I quite enjoy it. :p


Until next time,


WWGal 🙂

September 15, 2016 6 comments
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I have always had chubby cheeks for almost all my life. Even when I lost a lot of weight due to sickness, I looked malnourished but my cheeks were a highlight as it remained chubby. No matter what, I cannot get rid of it. It doesn’t seem to be a bad thing after all. Hence I decided to make peace with it and laugh at the funny things we girls with chubby cheeks go through.

August 29, 2016 6 comments
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