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March 2017

Heloooooos !!! We all have certain Expectation on how some things should work out but most of the times, Reality turns out to be something different in a rather funny way :). Here are a few I could remember .

1) Getting a Haircut. 

Expectation – I always like to go prepared as to what kind of hair cut I will be getting and how it would look on me.

Reality – Sadly, this is how it turns out.

2) Trying to follow a cooking tutorial from YouTube or TV

Expectation – Yeah, this seems easy. I am definitely trying it.

Reality – No one mentioned it would be this hard.

3) Deciding to go on a strict diet

Expectation – No matter what, I am going to restrict myself

Reality – It was my Bestie’s Birthday party. How could I ever say No to her.

4) When my Birthday is nearing.

Expectation – I am sure my friends are going to throw me a party. I am going to have a blast. I need to decide on what to wear. This is so excitinggggg 😉

Reality – Well its 12.00 am and no sign of any party :(. I feel old and lonely.

5) Relationship goals

Expectation – We are going be like Ross&Rachel :). And I am going to upload really cute pictures of us on social media.

Reality – It’s my turn to use the phone. Give it to me

6)  Joining a Gym and committing to it.

Expectation – How I think I am doing.

Reality – This is how I actually look.

7) Family dinners

Expectation – Good times, sharing all happy moments. It’s going to be a great get together.

Reality – It turns out to one hell of a crazy ride. But hey sometimes that’s fun too 🙂

9) Trying out a party makeup tutorial from YouTube.

Expectation – I am going to look Awesome in this party.

Reality – I think I went a little overboard with the eyeshadow.

Have you experienced anything like this? Let me know in the comments.


Until Next Time,



March 17, 2017 10 comments
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Hi Beauties!!!

 Fashion is one way of expressing ourselves without having to speak. While some of us choose to express ourselves with pants over skirts, or hats over belts, there is one type of garment in all our closets which is close to our hearts. Dresses..aaah…They can make any girl look feminine, more confident , more beautiful no matter what size, shape or age :). But sometimes shopping for that perfect dress for your prom or wedding can be stressful as you need to get ‘THE DRESS’ which makes you feel like ‘This is the one’. Well, your search ends on Alessmode.

Alessmode.com is an online site which makes it super easy to get that perfect dress. What can be better than to be able to get the dress you like with the colour of your choice, customised completely for you so it fits as if it’s made for you:). Wedding party dresses, formal dresses, homecoming dresses, prom dresses – You name the occasion and they have it .

Have a look at some of these exquisite pieces
1.Wedding dresses
2.Prom dresses
3.Bridesmaid dresses

What I also liked about this site is that they have endless options. Select the colour you like in the material you like. You can customise your measurements for extra 29.99 $. You can customise based on shoe height, arm length, shoulder to shoulder, the list goes on. They have dresses under any range you need. In addition to this, they have amazing sales going on where you can get 50% off everything and they deliver in almost every country around the world with high quality packaging, so you do not have to worry about your dress :). Shipping usually takes 2 to 7 working days, but if you need it to be customised, then it takes extra days for tailoring requirements.

With so many filters and options on their site, I just hoped they would have easier sorting options like Price or Reviews, but they only have it with the starting alphabet of the item. 🙁

Here are a few pieces which I personally love.

Flower girl dresses

-> Pretty Lilac colour dress


-> Simple, elegant ivory lace dress


Wedding dresses

-> Simple, elegant wedding dress


-> Plus size wedding dress


-> Strapless layered dress


Homecoming dresses

-> High neck Satin dress


-> Sexy V-neck red long dress


-> Plus size ruffled navy blue dress


Note : This is a sponsored post but my reviews are completely honest :).

Until Next Time,



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